The Medacta Ligament Staple is a simple technique to successfully mimic the native insertion, morphology and kinematic of the natural LCL - MCL.


The Titanium Staple and the exclusive PEEK® Plate exhibits an ideal combination of a bio-inert nature together with ligament coverage, aimed to minimize graft displacement during the early postoperative integration phase.

The main foreseen advantages of this reconstruction, if compared to an intra tunnel screw fixation technique, are represented by:

  • PEEK inlay to decrease risk of ligament displacement
  • PEEK inlay reduces amount of metal in contact with soft tissue and minimizes tissue irritation
  • Spiky PEEK inlay to increase soft tissue fixation and retention
  • More bone preserving, less invasive and time consuming than drilling a tunnel
  • Reconstruct a flat structure into a flat structure again
  • Direct fixation and more precise reproduction of native LCL & MCL kinematic
  • Reduced graft “working length”
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