Ultimate Versatility
in One System


The  Medacta Universal Screw Technology [M.U.S.T.] pedicle screw system has been designed to provide flexibility to the surgeon.

Ability to temporarily lock the poly-axial head without in-situ rod to create mono-axial rigidity for parallel compression/distraction

This leads to:

  • Effective disc preparation
  • Smart cage positioning
  • Effective trauma treatment
  • Powerful deformity correction


Multiple choices of cannulated and solid screws to accommodate:

  • Degenerative and deformity cases
  • Primary and revision cases
  • High degree reduction

The range of diameters covers the thoracolumbar, sacral and sacro-iliac fixation needs.



Multiple choices of connectors:

  • to accommodate peculiar anatomies
  • to provide appropriate stabilization of the treated segments
  • to provide an aided solution in revision and severe deformity cases


Multiple choices of rods with:

  • different material [Ti & CoCr]
  • different curvatures available to cover all the surgical needs.

Sterile implants: provide full implants traceability while eliminating the risk of reprocessing!


Unique independent  poly-axial locking allows for both poly-axial and mono-axial functionality.

  1. Low profile head for reduced interference and irritation of soft tissues 
  2. Universal X20 Drive Compatible for easy insertion / removal
  3. Optimal screw tip design for effective screw advancement
  4. Fully threaded and Dual Lead for fast and controlled screw insertion and increased bone purchase
  5. Range of motion greater than 60°
  6. Easy connection for easy intra-operative instruments engagement
  7. Dual sided set screw

 An innovative instrument to lock the polyaxial screw into monoaxial and allow multiple indications.

Parallel compression/distraction for sagittal alignment

Trauma reduction treatment

Spondylolisthesis reduction

Vertebral body derotation in deformity cases



Medacta Spine has developed a portfolio of spine implants designed to complement one another.
The M.U.S.T. Pedicle Screw System, the MectaLIF Family of Interbody Fusion Devices and our Suite of Specialized Surgical Instruments create a harmonized, single-system approach for most spine stabilization applications.

Traditional and MIS surgical approaches are supported.

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