50,000 AMIStem femoral stems implanted worldwide!

50,000 AMIStem femoral stems implanted worldwide!

The first stem specifically designed for AMIS (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery), the AMIStem, has reached the impressive number of 50,000 implantations in only 4 years.

The first hip stem designed to accommodate the anterior approach to the hip, the AMIStem Hip System, has recently achieved its 50,000th implantation since its launch in 2009.

When launched, the AMIStem System represented the first family of femoral components specifically designed to facilitate the anterior approach. Based on the proven clinical performance and design characteristics of the Quadra Hip System1,2, the AMIStem featured a reduced lateral shoulder and modified length.

This design evolution provided key advantages: an easier stem introduction due to the reduced lateral shoulder and the potential for reduced bone removal due to the overall reduced length of the stem. Like the Quadra stem, the AMIStem has proven very stable in both cementless and cemented versions3,4.

At 1 year, bone mineral density is equivalent for the two femoral stems5. In addition, AMIStem has proven to be a reliable solution for hip replacement6


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