First MySpine Surgery in Spain

First MySpine Surgery in Spain

Medacta is proud to announce that the first deformity surgery in Spain utilizing the MySpine Platform has been successfully performed by Dr. Ernesto Gonzalez.


Dr. Gonzalez performed his case on 29 January 2020 at the Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia, Spain. The surgery was successful, and Dr. Gonzalez has been satisfied with the patient outcomes. “I was able to correct the deformity without any kind of problem and was satisfied with the final spine balance.” said Dr. Gonzalez.

The MySpine Platform is a patient-specific pedicle screw placement guide that provides high accuracy in screw positioning while minimizing the risk of pedicle violation by preserving the individual patient’s anatomy. The MySpine Platform allows the surgeon to determine the optimal 3D pre-operative planning based on low dose CT images of the patient’s spine, and the guides are positioned on the vertebra using different contact points on distinct anatomical references, such as the spinous and transverse processes, in order to achieve maximum stability. Together with the M.U.S.T. Screw System and the MectaLIF Ti-coated cages, the MySpine Platform creates a complete suite of personalized medicine in spine surgery.

To support surgeons in the application of the MySpine guides, the Medacta M.O.R.E. Institute has created a comprehensive education program for surgeons who wish to become proficient in the technique.

Experience M.O.R.E. on the dedicated MySpine webpage.