December 14, 2021

Medacta Launches 360° (Anterior and Posterior) Cervical Platform, Highlighting MySpine Cervical, a Further Enhancement to the MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem

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Medacta Launches 360° (Anterior and Posterior) Cervical Platform, Highlighting MySpine Cervical, a Further Enhancement to the MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, Switzerland, December 14, 2021 - Medacta is further demonstrating its commitment to innovation and personalized solutions by offering an end-to-end 360° cervical platform featuring ease-of-use, improved flexibility, stability[1] and accuracy[1] for posterior fixation and anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). The integrated platform is comprised of three main components: Mecta-C Stand Alone, M.U.S.T. Mini, and MySpine Cervical [not FDA cleared].

'With the new 360° cervical platform, Medacta supports surgeons to treat the cervical spine both from the anterior and posterior approaches,' says Francesco Siccardi, Chief Executive Officer of Medacta. 'The Medacta cervical platform features a range of high-level technologies that work together to provide versatility to surgeons and safety to patients. This is a clear step forward towards our goal of developing highly personalized surgical solutions,' concludes Siccardi.

Intraoperative freedom is built into Medacta's modular Mecta(R)-C Stand Alone, Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion Device, as this solution allows surgeons to select among eight different cage/plate configurations, according to the patient's anatomical requirements and pathologies. Designed for patients with degenerative disc disease at one level or two contiguous levels from C2-T1, Mecta-C system offers surgeons the ultimate flexibility, as they can choose from multiple implant configurations to meet a variety of indications and cervical anatomies, and thus find the best solution for the patient.

M.U.S.T.(R) Mini is an all-encompassing solution for fixation of the occipito-cervico-thoracic spine for cases involving degenerative conditions, tumours, deformity, and trauma. Regardless of the patient's anatomy or pathology, the surgeon is equipped with a variety of screws, each of which facilitates intraoperative placement and manoeuvrability. With an extensive range of hooks, rods, and connectors, M.U.S.T. Mini ensures that the surgical team is prepared to deliver stability and overall excellence when encountering any type of anatomy or construct length. In addition, because the M.U.S.T. Mini links up with its 'big brother', M.U.S.T., Medacta Universal Screw Technology, surgeons can readily treat the full range of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral conditions.

Convinced that accuracy is fundamental in the OR, Medacta has created MySpine(R) Cervical, a patient-specific pedicle screw placement guide that allows surgeons to refine the preoperative 3D planning based on the patient's CT images, increasing precision and reducing the risk of patient injury while potentially providing an effective clinical outcome. MySpine Cervical is the guide for M.U.S.T. Mini, helping the surgeon with challenging pedicle screw trajectories, while maintaining stability and maximum visibility.

'I have had the opportunity to use the Medacta 360° Cervical platform in a challenging oncologic case in which I performed a posterior occiput- C3 fixation with pre-bent rods, taking advantage of MySpine Cervical for an accurate pedicle screw placement and avoiding the use of lateral mass screws, thus shortening the construct. I completed the case using the comprehensive set of M.U.S.T. Mini implants, appreciating the flexibility of the Occipital Plate connectors which allowed me to tailor the construct according to my needs,' says Dr. Nicola Marengo, Neurosurgery Unit, AOU Città della salute e della Scienza, Torino Italy.

Thanks to the MySpine Low Dose CT protocol, the patient's X-ray exposure is minimized, and a significant[2] reduction of intraoperative fluoroscopy is possible.

Along with a comprehensive implant portfolio and surgical techniques, MySpine Cervical, a component of the MySolutions(R) Personalized Ecosystem, empowers Medacta's holistic approach to personalized medicine, which aims to bring value to every step of the entire patient journey.

Innovation requires education; hence, for Medacta, surgeon education is of paramount importance. This is deployed through the M.O.R.E. (Medacta Orthopedic Research and Education) Institute. Dedicated to offering a well-organized and individually tailored training program that facilitates successful product and technique adoption, Medacta does everything in its power to ensure that the surgeons are never alone as they learn and grow with the company's clinically validated, innovative offerings.

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[1] Fujita, Oda et al. - Accuracy of pedicle screw placement using patient-specific template guide system
[2] Cecchinato et al. - Pedicle screw insertion with patient-specific 3D-printed guides based on low-dose CT scan is more accurate than free-hand technique in spine deformity patients: a prospective, randomized clinical trial

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