Unique minimally invasive 
soft tissue retractor 


Medacta MectaFlip is a disposable instrument for hip arthroscopy soft tissues management.  

MectaFlip has been designed to improve soft tissues retraction techniques. It  increases intra-operative’s space visibility during hip arthroscopic procedures, whilst optimizing performance and reducing surgery time. 

Multiple devices can be used at the same time if more visibility is needed.


Medacta MectaFlip is a sterile, disposable mini-invasive instrument for hip arthroscopy used to retract soft tissues from the surgical site and to increase visibility on the intra-operative space.

Available in 3 different working lengths:

  • 80 mm
  • 120 mm
  • 150 mm


MectaFlip main functional feature is represented by a movable pointed tip which can be flipped from its initial straight configuration up to 90°. The tip configuration is controlled by a plastic barrel.


The counter plate is engaged to the main body and helps retraction of soft tissues by compressing the anatomical structures and by keeping the instrument in place. 

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