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Medacta International is a Swiss company developing, manufacturing and distributing
orthopaedic and neurosurgical medical devices worldwide.

Medacta was founded in 1999 with a vision of redefining better through innovation
for people needing joint replacement and spine surgery.

Through medical education,
our innovation leads to better results both for patients and healthcare system
in terms of efficiency and economic savings.


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Thank you for your interest in Medacta products! Please note that information provided on our website is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for an in-depth consultation with a medical professional. Only a licensed medical provider can adequately diagnose and explain your orthopedic condition, your non-surgical care options, and the potential complications and risks of any surgical treatment. If you have a medical question, please do not leave it here. Instead, please contact your doctor directly. Your physician should guide you on all aspects of your surgery, including pre- and post-operative care.

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Medacta International

Strada Regina
6874 Castel San Pietro
+41 (91) 696 60 60
+41 (91) 696 60 66


Chicago - United States

1556 West Carroll Avenue
United States
+1 (312) 878 2381
+1 (866) 830 1063