Medacta Corporate | MOTO MEDIAL

The incredibly accurate implant sizing allows for full cortical rim contact on the tibial component to prevent subsidence. The femoral component has an extended posterior condyle to allow patients deep flexion MOTOTM without posterior impingement.” – Mandume Kerina, MD

The ability to make resections to the millimeter with independent flexion and extension balancing is the greatest feature of the MOTOTM. I never have to worry about overcorrecting a knee. This allows me to obtain the perfect alignment and a well-balanced knee. It is efficient, and addresses any issues I might encounter, even in the ACL-deficient or reconstructed patients.” – Akbar Nawab, MD.

I have never burned any bridges with this technique as  I can revise any step through the surgery. If I want to go back and fine tune one of my first steps I can do that as easily as I can. I can even change the femoral component up or down a size after the lug holes have been drilled. It is the most flexible system I have ever used.” – Ryan Molli, DO

Medacta’s commitment to surgeon education is a key component to the success of MOTOTM. Surgeons benefit from one-on-one instruction and proctoring as well as visiting design surgeons and attending learning centers for didactics and cadaver lab training.” –Anthony Robins, MD

MOTOTM Medial is currently under clinical evaluation with a full market release in March 2018.