Minimally Invasive


MySpine MC is a 3D printed patient matched solution in the midline cortical approach. Posterior lumbar fusion is driven in a minimally invasive [1], muscle sparing way, allowing for shorter operating times [2,3] and a substantial reduction of both radiation exposure [2] and costs [2,3]



MySpine pedicle screw placement guides are exclusively intended for use with the Medacta M.U.S.T. pedicle screw system and related instruments when the clinical evaluation complies with the need of spinal fixation.


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The MySpine MC Experience
Personalized by the surgeon... for the Patient

Thanks to this accurate tool the surgeon can optimize screws parameters, entry points and trajectories[14], avoiding potential intraoperative complications for the patient, such as pedicle fractures and neurovascular injuries[14,16].


MySpine MC entry points and trajectories are customized through pre-op trajectory management to enable the use of longer screws and larger diameters vs. free hand CBT, and are comparable to the conventional technique.

PERSONALIZED around the patient

Following the pre-op trajectory a 3D patient matched guide is designed to match the patient’s anatomy. This navigated tool provides accurate intra-operative guidance for safe screw positioning[14] potentially reducing the need of fluoroscopy[15].

Better Muscular preservation [17]
Uncompromised fusion rate [17]
Less residual low back pain after surgery [17]
MySpine Platform

A comprehensive range of patient specific, pedicle screw placement guides allows for a personalized treatment depening on the patient pathology and the surgical approach. The system supports the surgeon pre and intra operatively for post op patient benefit.

Multiple Surgical Options
for different indications

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